9 Christmas Nail Designs With Glitter

Christmas Nail Designs With Glitter

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to add a touch of sparkle and glamour to your nail game with Christmas nail designs featuring glitter. Glittery nails are a fabulous way to embrace the festive spirit and make a statement during this merry time of year. Whether you prefer subtle shimmer or bold glittery accents, there are endless possibilities to create stunning and dazzling Christmas-themed nail designs.


Christmas Nail Designs With Glitter

From twinkling snowflakes to glistening ornaments, these designs will elevate your manicure and add an extra dose of glamour to your holiday look. In this article, we will explore some enchanting Christmas nail designs with glitter that will leave your fingertips sparkling with festive joy.

1. Glittery French Tips

Glittery French Tips 1


A glitzy take on the traditional French manicure is glittery French tips. Glittery French tips are nails with glitter or nail polish put to the tips, as opposed to the conventional white tips. This gives your nails a glamorous and elegant touch that makes them ideal for festive occasions. The sparkly French tips give off a shimmering quality that makes for a striking manicure that elevates your entire appearance.

2. Glitter Gradient

Glitter Gradient

A stunning and fashionable nail art concept is the glitter gradient nail. Using this method, glitter polish is applied in a gradient pattern from the nail’s cuticle to its tip. It gives your manicure a glamorous touch by blending colour and shines in a captivating way. Because glitter gradient nails are so adaptable and can be made with different glitter sizes and colour combinations, you can express your style and create a gorgeous, eye-catching design.

3. Glitter Accent Nail

Glitter Accent Nail


A chic and easy way to add a bit of sparkle to your manicure is with a glitter accent nail. It entails painting one nail—usually the thumb or ring finger—with glitter polish or loose glitter while leaving the other nails plain or painted in a different pattern. The glitter accent manicure adds a dash of refinement and glitz to your entire nail appearance while drawing attention and acting as a focal point. It’s a playful and adaptable alternative that you can easily customize to fit your style and look great for any situation.

4. Glittery Snowflakes

Glittery Snowflakes Nail

Paint a snowflake design on each nail using a thin nail art brush and a silver or white glitter polish. This adds a delicate and wintery touch to your nails. You can create a single snowflake on each nail or multiple snowflakes for a more intricate design.


5. Glittery Candy Canes

Glittery Candy Canes

Create candy cane-inspired nails with a glittery twist. Paint diagonal stripes on the nails using red and white polish, and then add a coat of glitter polish over the stripes. The glitter will enhance the candy cane design and make it more festive.

6. Sparkly Santa Hat Tips

Sparkly Santa Hat Tips Nail

Sparkly Santa Hat Tips nails is a festive and playful nail art design. This style involves painting the nails in a traditional Christmas red colour and adding a white triangle shape at the tip to resemble Santa’s hat. The tips are then embellished with sparkly accents, such as glitter or rhinestones, to create a whimsical and eye-catching look. Sparkly Santa Hat Tips nails are perfect for adding a touch of holiday cheer to your manicure, allowing you to showcase your festive spirit in a fun and stylish way.

7. Peppermint Glitz Nails

Peppermint Glitz Nails

A fun and festive nail art concept is peppermint glitz nails. This style, which was inspired by the well-known confectionery, has a red and white striped design that resembles a peppermint candy cane. To give the design a little glam and sparkle, glitter or shimmer is added. The essence of the holidays is captured in Peppermint Glitz nails, which also bring a fun and happy touch to your manicure. If you want to show off how much you enjoy the festive spirit uniquely and strikingly, these are the ideal options.

 8. Christmas Skittles

Christmas Skittles Nail

Christmas Skittles nail art is a vivid and eye-catching style. This look entails painting a different festive colour on each nail, evoking vibrant candy. Additional holiday-themed nail art, such as glitter accents, Christmas trees, or snowflakes, can be applied to the nails. Christmas Skittles nail art is a lighthearted and entertaining way to enjoy the season. It lets you express your artistic side and brighten people’s days with a splash of festive hues on your fingertips.

9. Frosty White Christmas Nails

Frosty White Christmas Nails

An exquisite and stylish nail art concept is frosty white Christmas nails. The white or off-white base colour of this style is evocative of newly fallen snow. To give a glitzy and icy touch, the nails can be adorned with a variety of accessories, such as tiny rhinestones, snowflake patterns, or silver or gold glitter. Frosty white Christmas nails offer a classy and classic style for the holiday season, evoking a feeling of a winter wonderland. For those who want a more understated, sophisticated nail art that nonetheless embodies the spirit of Christmas, these are ideal.



This holiday season, let your nails shine bright like the stars in the winter sky with Christmas nail designs featuring glitter. Glitter adds a touch of magic and glamour to your manicure, making it the perfect choice for festive celebrations. Whether you opt for a full glittery nail or incorporate glitter as an accent, the result will be mesmerizing and eye-catching.

From classic red and green combinations to icy silver and blue shades, you can customize your glittery designs to suit your personal style and holiday theme. So, gather your favourite glittery nail polishes and nail art tools, and let your creativity run wild. With these Christmas nail designs, your fingertips will be the epitome of holiday sparkle, adding an extra dose of joy and cheer to your festive season.

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