Church Easter Crafts For Toddlers

Church Easter Crafts For Toddlers

Easter, a joyous and significant celebration in the Christian calendar, is a time for families to come together in the spirit of renewal and hope. For parents with toddlers, finding meaningful activities that engage their little ones while imparting the values of Easter can be a delightful challenge. Church Easter crafts for toddlers offer a perfect solution, combining creativity with religious teachings in a fun and interactive way.


Church Easter Crafts For Toddlers

Here are some easy and engaging Easter craft ideas for toddlers in a church setting:

1. Resurrection Garden

  • Materials: Small pots, potting soil, seeds (wheatgrass, beans, or other fast-growing options), construction paper, markers, crayons, and glue.
  • Instructions: Decorate the pots with Easter symbols like crosses, bunnies, or flowers. Help toddlers plant seeds in the pots and label them with the word “Easter.” As the seeds sprout, discuss the concepts of new life and resurrection.

2. Paper Plate Stained Glass Cross

  • Materials: Paper plates, tissue paper in various colors, clear contact paper, scissors, and markers.
  • Instructions: Cut out the center of the paper plate to create a cross shape. Toddlers can crumple and stick pieces of tissue paper onto the back of the cross, creating a stained glass effect. Once complete, cover the front with clear contact paper to secure the tissue paper.

3. Fingerprint Chick Craft

  • Materials: Construction paper, paint in various colors, yellow or orange markers, googly eyes (optional).
  • Instructions: Help toddlers paint their fingerprints on the construction paper to create chick bodies. Once dry, draw wings, beaks, and eyes using markers. You can also add googly eyes for a more playful touch.

4. Yarn-Wrapped Crosses

  • Materials: Cardboard cutouts of crosses, yarn in various colors, and glue.
  • Instructions: Apply glue to the cardboard cross and help toddlers wrap yarn around it, covering the entire surface. This is a simple yet engaging activity that promotes fine motor skills and allows for creative expression.

5. Easter Egg Decorating with Stickers

  • Materials: Hard-boiled eggs, stickers with Easter themes (bunnies, chicks, crosses, flowers), and markers.
  • Instructions: Provide toddlers with pre-boiled eggs and a variety of Easter-themed stickers. Encourage them to decorate the eggs with the stickers and add their drawings using markers. This is a mess-free and enjoyable activity that allows for individual creativity.

6. Sensory Play

  • Easter Egg Sensory Bin: Fill a bin with dyed rice, beans, or crinkle paper. Hide small plastic eggs with Bible verses or pictures inside the bin. Toddlers can search for the eggs while exploring the sensory materials.
  • Playdough Crosses: Provide pre-made playdough in various colors and cookie cutters shaped like crosses. Toddlers can create their playdough crosses and decorate them with buttons, beads, or dried pasta.

7. Craft and Decorate

  • Felt Easter Baskets: Cut out simple basket shapes from felt and pre-punch holes around the edges. Provide toddlers with yarn or pipe cleaners to thread through the holes, creating handles for their baskets. They can decorate the baskets with fabric scraps, buttons, or stickers.
  • Paper Towel Tube Bunnies: Cut paper towel tubes in half and flatten them. Help toddlers paint or decorate the tubes with markers, then add floppy ears cut from construction paper, googly eyes, and a cotton ball tail.
  • Salt Dough Cross Ornaments: Mix flour, salt, and water to create a dough. Shape the dough into small crosses and let them air dry. Once dry, toddlers can paint the crosses and add glitter or other embellishments.

8. Singing and Movement

  • Shake Egg Maracas: Decorate empty plastic eggs with markers and stickers. Fill them with dried beans or rice, and seal them securely. Toddlers can shake the maracas while singing Easter songs or hymns.
  • Handprint Flowers: Help toddlers paint their handprints on construction paper. Cut out the handprints and glue them onto green construction paper stems to create flower bouquets.

Tips for Success

  • Keep it simple: Choose crafts that are age-appropriate and require minimal adult supervision.
  • Focus on the process: The joy of creating is more important than achieving a perfect end product.
  • Provide guidance and support: Be available to assist toddlers with cutting, gluing, and other tasks they might find challenging.
  • Embrace the mess: Lay down newspapers or use smocks to protect surfaces and clothing.
  • Incorporate storytelling: Briefly share the Easter story while engaging in the craft activities, helping toddlers connect the craft to the holiday’s meaning.



As the Easter season approaches, the significance of fostering a sense of tradition and faith in young hearts cannot be overstated. Church Easter crafts for toddlers provide a unique avenue to achieve this, blending the joy of creativity with the timeless messages of resurrection and hope.

These crafts not only serve as delightful keepsakes but also as tangible expressions of the love and joy that Easter brings. By embracing the spirit of togetherness, parents and toddlers can embark on a journey of crafting, learning, and cherishing moments that will be remembered for years to come.

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