12 Amazing Easy Christmas Nails Designs

Easy Christmas Nails

During the holiday season, decorate your home with boughs of holly, and don’t forget to add some festive flair to your nails!


Christmas is a time for celebration. Nevertheless, who has the time to create intricate designs? In this blog post, we will discuss 12 easy Christmas nail designs for Christmas that you can easily reproduce in a short amount of time.

Easy Christmas Nails Designs

There is no better way to demonstrate your passion for the holiday season than by adorning your nails with some sparkling nail art. Creating festive and easy Christmas nail designs can be a fun way to add a touch of holiday cheer to your look. Here are some simple and delightful Christmas nail designs to try:


1. Classic Red with Glittery Accents

Classic Red And Green Delight


An eye-catching red manicure is the epitome of the holiday season. Make your ring finger gleam with some glitter accents, or make a festive French tip with glitter instead of white. Both of these options are great ways to liven up your look. This uncomplicated design is both classic and sophisticated, making it an ideal choice for any festive setting.

2. Candy Cane Stripes



Untitled Design 5 Scaled


Are you able to say no to a candy cane? This delectable confection is a traditional Christmas delicacy, and it looks stunning when applied to your nails. A colorful and festive effect can be achieved by painting your nails with stripes of red and white in alternating colors. If you want the white stripes to have even more shine, you may even add a little bit of glitter to them.


3. Sparkling Snowflakes

Snowflakes 2 Scaled


At the same time as snowflakes are a representation of winter and Christmas, they also make for a stunning nail art design. On your nails, you can create the appearance of snowflakes by using a white nail varnish. A clear glitter topcoat can be used to add a touch of shine, or you can even use several hues to create a more colorful effect with the usage of different colors.

4. Festive French Manicure

Festive French Tips


Instead of using white, you can give the traditional French manicure a Christmas spin by using red and green rather with white. This straightforward yet captivating design is ideal for individuals who wish to maintain the appearance of their nails as polished and professional while simultaneously wishing to get into the spirit of the festive season.

5. Christmas Tree Nails

Christmas Trees Nail Art 1


Create miniature Christmas trees out of your fingernails! The tree is created by first painting your nails green and then using a toothpick to make the shape. A star can be placed on top, and ornaments made of small dots can be used to embellish the top. The quirky design is likely to attract attention to itself.

6. Reindeer Antlers

Reindeer Scaled


Are you looking for something funny and one-of-a-kind? Use nails made from reindeer antlers! To produce the appearance of antlers, first paint your nails brown, and then use white nail polish to form the shape. To complete the look, you can add a small red dot for the nose and some black dots for the eyes. This beautiful design is ideal for anyone who has a passion for animals.

7. Snowman Nails

Frosty The Snowman Christmas


In addition to being a favorite throughout the winter season, snowmen also make for a delightful nail art design. It is recommended that you first paint your nails white, and then use a black nail polish to make the eyes and lips of the snowman. Orange nail polish can be used to create a carrot nose, and either black or red nail polish can be used to create a hat. This zany design is ideal for spreading festive cheer because of its unique nature.

8. Gift Box Nails

Gift Wrapped Nail Art


Gift boxes are a common symbol of Christmas, and they can be used to create a nail art design that is both fun and festive. To make a ribbon and bow, first, paint your nails red, and then use white nail polish to form the bow and ribbon. You may give the bow a little bit of sparkle by adding a little bit of glitter to it. The gift-giving season is the ideal time to use this beautiful design.

9. Christmas Lights Nails

Glistening Christmas Lights Scaled


With this festive nail art design, your nails will shine brightly like Christmas lights. To create the appearance of the lights, paint your nails in a variety of colors, and then use white nail polish to create tiny dots that mimic the bulbs. You may also put a string of lights across your nails to give your manicure a more dramatic look. This design, which is vibrant and exuberant, is certain to draw your attention.

10. Ugly Sweater Nails

Ugly Sweater Nails


There is a wonderful custom of wearing ugly sweaters throughout the Christmas season, and now you can wear them on your nails! First, you will paint your nails in a variety of colors, and then you will use a toothpick to make the knit pattern of the sweater. You can incorporate elements of the holiday season, such as ornaments, snowflakes, or reindeer. Celebrate the holidays with a sense of humor by using this whimsical design, which is great for the occasion.

11. Santa Claus NailsSanta Claus Scaled



Not a single person adores Santa Claus. An adorable and merry nail art design has been created with this traditional Christmas mascot. If you want to create Santa’s beard and cap, you should first paint your nails red and then use white nail polish to do so. For an additional layer of intricacy, you may add a black belt and buttons. This lighthearted design is certain to put a smile on the face of every person.

12. Merry Christmas Nails

Merry Mashup


You may add a one-of-a-kind and personalized touch to your nails by writing a holiday greeting on them. When creating your design, you have the option of utilizing a variety of nail art styles and colors. The Christmas spirit can be transmitted with this design that is both expressive and beautiful.

These are just a few suggestions to use as a jumping-off point. If you have a little bit of imagination, you may come up with your very own Christmas nail designs that are both distinctive and festive. Take out your favorite holiday nail polishes and get ready to add some holiday cheer to your nails with these festive nail polishes!

Hints and Tips

To protect your nails and ensure that your manicure lasts for a longer period, you should apply a base coat before applying your nail polish.

Finally, after you have completed painting your nails, you should apply a top coat to help seal in the color and prevent the color from flaking.

You shouldn’t be afraid to try new things! When it comes to nail art for Christmas parties, there are no rules to follow.


Don’t let your nails miss out on the festive fun this holiday season! You can showcase your holiday zeal in style by turning your fingertips into little artworks with these 12 easy Christmas nail design ideas. There’s a design here for everyone, whether you like whimsical whimsy, bold and brilliant, or traditional beauty.

So gather your favorite festive nail paints, let your imagination go wild, and get ready to sport the hottest trend of the season. Keep in mind that there are no restrictions when it comes to Christmas nail art, so feel free to experiment and express your unique style!

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