10 Interactive Christmas Decorations That Pets Can Enjoy

Interactive Christmas Decorations That Pets Can Enjoy

Even while the holiday season is the perfect time to spend quality time with your dog or cat, several common decorations can be good for your animal companions and the wildlife in the area.


Fortunately, it is not difficult to select festive decorations while still ensuring the safety of the animals that reside in your home and protecting wildlife. Follow the Interactive Christmas decorations that pets can enjoy that we have provided below to learn what to do.

Interactive Christmas Decorations that Pets Can Enjoy

1.iHeartDogs A ‘Christmas Miracle’ Angel Tree Topper

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A dog tree topper is an ideal decoration to finish off your Christmas tree if you’ve previously decked it with dog ornaments. With its angelic wings, this well-liked tree topper of a dog will dern heads and attract much attention to your tree. This dog tree topper is available from iHeartDogs in a few different types. The one in the picture has solid lights to enhance the attractiveness of your tree at night. Every topper purchased contributes a large number of meals to shelter dogs. The toppers are composed of shimmering white fabric.

2.iHeartDogs Santa Paws Lighten Snow Globe

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Any room of your house can look more festive with the help of the light-up iHeartDogs Santa Paws Snow Globe decoration. Santa is surrounded by dogs within the snow globe and is prepared to offer them gifts. The snow globe can be made to glow and spill glitter all over Santa and the dogs by just flipping a switch. The snow globe has an integrated airflow mechanism that causes the glitter to move on its own, so shaking it is not necessary. Ten meals for dogs in shelters are donated with each purchase of this product.

3. PRODUCTZ Inflatable Snowman and Peeing Dog

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Dog outside Christmas decorations such as this goofy inflatable design is a great way to tell your neighbours how much you value your dogs. This 4-foot ornament features a distressed snowman who seems like his dog will urinate on him. You can see it even at night because of its powerful fan and LED lighting. To make setup and takedown simple, the inflatable comes with five pegs, some rope, and a reusable storage bag.

4.iHeartDogs Christmas Ribbon Lights

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You may add this glowing ribbon to your Christmas tree to further enhance the dog motif. The iHeartDogs offering includes two rolls of light-up garland, each measuring 16.4 feet in length. When viewed from a distance, it can appear to be just a lovely ribbon wrapped around your tree, but up close, you can see a cute paw print pattern. This product is made of sturdy ribbon with LED lights, so it will last for many years. Meals for dogs in shelters will be provided with each purchase of this product.


5. Frisco Paw Personalized Dog & Cat Stocking

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You must remember to put stockings for your pet if you enjoy hanging stockings near the fireplace. Frisco’s Personalized Stockings, with their velvet material and paw shape, are a charming addition to your Christmas décor. They come in three different colour patterns and are fully lined to contain lots of goods. You can add your dog’s name to each stocking by embroidering up to nine characters (including spaces) on the needle.

6.iHeartDogs Operation Santa Paws Rescue Express Wooden Table Decoration

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This wooden iHeartDogs display is ideal as a counter or table centrepiece decoration. It features a train, dogs, kittens, gifts, and other decorations made of wood layered over one another. Additionally, because it runs on batteries, it can be made to match your tree and other glowing decorations. This product has so many little touches, and the best part is that every time it is bought, meals are donated to shelter dogs.

7. Top Treasures Store Christmas Dog Park for Christmas Village

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Every decent Christmas village should include some dogs. During the holidays, many people put up displays of Christmas villages in their houses. Several individuals are walking their dogs through a tiny agility course in this section of the Christmas village, which is a dog park. It is handcrafted and hand-painted, and it is constructed from premium resin materials. To add to the festive atmosphere, LED lights are integrated into it.

8. Primitives By Kathy “Define Good” Wall Countdown

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This wall-hanging ornament is a dog-themed advent calendar. With an image of a puppy gnawing on a shoe, the words “Dear Santa, Define Good” are written on top. Treats for dogs can be placed in the pockets, and you can give your dog a treat each day leading up to Christmas. It is constructed from a cloth material with a loop to hang it on a nail. It’s a wonderful way to decorate your house and entice your dog to celebrate the holidays.

9. Belniak Store Labrador String Fairy Lights

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Lighting up your house can instantly give it a more festive vibe. There are tiny light bulbs in the form of dogs in this 8-foot strand of lights. They will appear like regular Christmas lights from a distance, but up close, you will be able to see how cute they are. Because of their water resistance, you can use them indoors or outdoors as desired. Its timer and flash settings are simply adjustable with the wireless remote control that comes with it. Additionally, you can select between USB and battery power for it.

10. Kirynurd Merry Christmas Dog Door Cover

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Using a door cover like this one makes setting up outdoor decorations simple. Three canines who appear to be attending a holiday party can be seen peering out the door in this picture. Anyone passing by will laugh at it. There are three possible configurations for this high-density polyethene image: tied, taped, or nailed. This company also offers comparable designs featuring horses or chickens.

A Guide for Purchasing Dog Christmas Decorations

When it comes time to purchase holiday décor, have the following points in mind.

1. Sort

Consider the kinds of decorations you want to use first. Are you in need of indoor decorations like stockings, table centrepieces, and ornaments, or outdoor decorations like lights and inflatables for your Christmas dog décor? If you’re unsure, a casual browse could turn up something you never would have considered.

2. Materials

Verify the durability of the decorations’ materials. You should be able to use them every holiday season for many years to come. Furthermore, there’s a greater chance that your dog will accidentally shatter them if they’re overly delicate.

3. Storage

You must make sure your Christmas decorations are simple to store because they are only used for a single month of the year. The simplest decorations to store are those that are small or foldable, particularly if a storage container is included.

4. Look

Of course, while selecting decorations, looks are very important. The product needs to blend in nicely with the design of the existing décor. Examine reviews, particularly the ones that include images, to be sure an online purchase is of high quality.


By choosing interactive and pet-safe decorations, you can create a Christmas environment that your furry friends can truly enjoy. Not only will this add a new dimension of joy to your holiday season, but it will also strengthen the bond you share with your beloved pet.

So, go ahead, get creative, and let your furry companions join in the festive fun! Remember, the most important part of Christmas is spending time with loved ones – and that includes our four-legged family members.

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